Curiosity Killed the Cat, but it Can Save Your Marriage

July 8th, 2012

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June 13th, 2010


Since an empathic species would have the capacity to feel its connection to nature,
And would know that nature is an extension of itself,
And therefore could not in any way harm any part of it,
Not only would the oil spill have not occurred,
There would be no war anywhere,
No violence of any kind
Since empathy is our felt sense of connection
To everyone and everything everywhere,
When it is intact, everything and everyone is safe.
When it is not, we cannot feel the otherness of others.
Then everything and everyone everywhere is an object,
And we can harm them without remorse,
Not knowing that we are harming ourselves.

Let us recover our capacity to feel others and our natural context.
To that end,
I pray that we will finally understand that our capacity for empathic resonance
Was injured by caretakers whose empathic resonance was injured,
And so forth backwards to our origins as a species.
I pray that we will go to the source, the human couple,
And effect the restoration of empathic resonance there,
So that all children of the future will feel their oneness
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I pray that we will understand that
All violence towards ourselves,
And the social and natural worlds,
Is family dysfunction writ large.
I pray we will take on the sacred responsibility of helping couples restore empathy
And extend it to their children in the service of world peace and felt connection with the natural order.
And to that end I pray for the launching of a global couples education movement
That will begin upstream and end the necessity of down stream cleanup.
Let love clear the river of life and bring healing and peace on earth.

I urge you to join me in that prayer and in the launching of that movement.
Otherwise we can continue to clean up the river!

Food and Mood – by Harville Hendrix

May 15th, 2008